Dark & Hungry Graves (#2)

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The Van Helsing Legacy: We Shall Not Sleep | Dark and Hungry Graves | These Lifeless Things

Coming 30 November, 2019

The Van Helsing Legacy: Dark and Hungry Graves
Volume 2

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Meg van Helsing knows the illusion of safety is fleeting, but for a moment, just a moment, she let herself rest.

But the past is a relentless hunter, and when startling news arrives from the Continent, Meg is drawn into a nightmare that began more than four hundred years ago. A legacy of sorcery and violence, cruelty and terror, pursues her and her friends, a legacy written into the blood of the man she loves.

Scarlet eyes are watching from the shadows, and this time, they’re fixed on Geordie. To keep his dark past at bay and save the man he has become, Meg must reach deep – into magic, the power of fear, and the terrible bonds of blood.

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