We Shall Not Sleep (#1)

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The Van Helsing Legacy: We Shall Not Sleep | Dark and Hungry Graves | These Lifeless Things

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The Van Helsing Legacy: We Shall Not Sleep
Volume 1

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The Great War is over, its fires quenched.
The guns are silent.
The Dead are waking.

Meg van Helsing grew up with a book in one hand and a wooden stake in the other, a crucifix always around her neck. But the world has changed, and the monsters she hunts with her friends are less frightening than gas burns and shell shock. The ghost of the War looms darker than Dracula’s shadow.

Until the night one of her friends disappears.

Now, they are under constant attack, beset by the blood-hungry corpses of un-dead soldiers at exactly the moment another monster appears: an incubus, lethally attractive. The young man offers help, and Meg wants to believe him. If only she could convince her friends she is immune to his spell.

Someone wants them dead at any cost. The answer lies in old books, dark sorcery, and a secret kept for twenty-five years, written in blood. If Meg wants her friends to live, she’ll have to open her eyes.

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