Tuesday Teaser

Dark & Hungry Graves – The Van Helsing Legacy #2 Professor Sanderson stood there in my doorway, just as dead as you please. ‘Miss Stuyvesant,’ he said gravely, a bit of grave-mould falling from his beard, ‘we really must discuss the paper you submitted. This work is no ways up… Continue reading

Tuesday Teaser

Super-secret project I have mentioned: The first book coming out will be part of an anthology set and will will be a stand-alone prequel novella. The series title is Strange Aeons. We’re hosting a giveaway in celebration. Click the image below to enter to win a $100 Amazon giftcard, and… Continue reading

Resuming the Tuesday Teasers!

I’d been quiet for a very long time, and then I moved the website and prettied it all up, and then it sat around, lonely. So I’m resuming the Tuesday Teasers. Here you get a taste of a super-secret project I’ve had back-burnered for years, which will begin creeping slowly… Continue reading

Diversity – with Carmen Fox

Carmen Fox REPRESENTATION MATTERS – Fiction without boundaries I’m white, have no major disability to speak of, I don’t belong to any religion, and I’m as straight as a ruler. What do I know about diversity, right? I have never been stopped for driving while being black, haven’t had the… Continue reading

Representation Matters.

Representation matters. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, reader, whether the statement is personally meaningful to you or not. If it is, please take this as an expression of solidarity. If it is not, please take this as a window into someone else’s reality. This is going to be the… Continue reading