Recounting the Great British Sojourn – Day 4

What a day it was! Extraordinarily hectic, we began by walking down to Glouster Street Station to purchase Oyster cards so we could take the bus into the city with our tour director and his walking group. We went through St. James’s and then down Picadilly, where the group split… Continue reading

Recounting the Great British Sojourn – Day 3m

Day 3: Stonehenge in the morning, and an afternoon at Oxford. This was the one I was waiting for. Up at six and dressed, breakfast at seven, on the bus by seven-thirty and on our way to Stonehenge. It wasn’t as long a drive as I had expected, really –… Continue reading

Recounting the Great British Sojourn – Day 2

Day 2: Up at six and had a cup of tea in the room before going down to breakfast. (Note to self: acquire giant mechanized orange-juicer.) This morning was the driving tour of London, with stops at St. Paul’s and Buckingham. We were just in time to catch the very tail… Continue reading

Recounting the Great British Sojourn – Day 1

I’m back! From where, you ask? Well, let me tell you. The flight into Heathrow was uneventful. The Minion, the Mother, and I landed, retrieved luggage, made it through customs, and were transported to the hotel in good time to meet our marvelous tour director. The hotel, the Queen’s Gate, is… Continue reading

The Self-Congratulatory Photopalooza — Scifi Edition

It’s that time again, dear readers! You should all be expecting it, by now, as it is tradition. And for The Siren, the traditional hat is back. This time, it’s a Harris tweed construction, souvenir of my recent sojourn in London (of which there shall soon be a full recounting and further… Continue reading