Running out of time!

There are only two days left to get the Prophecy of Magic anthology at $0.99, with A Monstrous Romance and the other 20+ fantastic volumes of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Meet Aurelia and Henryk, Magnus and Miel, in a chilling tale of monsters, madness, and the thin lines between life and… Continue reading

Diversity – with Carmen Fox

Carmen Fox REPRESENTATION MATTERS – Fiction without boundaries I’m white, have no major disability to speak of, I don’t belong to any religion, and I’m as straight as a ruler. What do I know about diversity, right? I have never been stopped for driving while being black, haven’t had the… Continue reading

Representation Matters.

Representation matters. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, reader, whether the statement is personally meaningful to you or not. If it is, please take this as an expression of solidarity. If it is not, please take this as a window into someone else’s reality. This is going to be the… Continue reading