First post!

I mean, not entirely. You can see that I’ve  brought many of the old posts with me from the old website, though I did clean those out, since there was a lot of old news and vague, unfocused rambling from the days when it was just a blog and not even really about anything. But this is the first post on the new, shiny website, and the first post at all in over a year.

Strange Magic Urban Fantasy Paranormal RomanceFitting, because I’m ramping up my career, this year, as evidenced by the shiny, new website. I’ll have contributions in three anthology box sets – THREE! Two will contain all-new material, one of which, Strange Magic, is available now. You can find The Van Helsing Legacy: We Shall Not Sleep in that volume, as well as a score of amazing urban fantasy and paranormal romance tales by some of the best authors I know. (And as a gentle reminder, you can enjoy The Van Helsing Legacy: Dark and Hungry Graves on my Patreon the moment you finish Book 1. Continue the story months before anyone else, and help me survive as I slog through year two of earning my PhD. Your support would really help with that ramping-up-of-the-career and the eating-of-things-other-than-ramen.)


The other two anthologies remain, for the moment, a secret.

In other good news, after a hiatus last year, AggieCon is back, and I will be there in the dealers’ room with a tremendous pile of books and vampire-slaying paraphernalia. If you’re near College Station, TX during the fourth weekend of March, you ought to drop by. An all-weekend badge is $40 or $25 for students, and a one-day is $20. (Sunday is a short day, so that’s $15.)

Guests and panelists will include:
Christopher Wehkamp (MHA: Eraserhead, Tokyo Ghoul: Kisho Arima and Tatara, Fairy Tail: Ren Akatsuki)
Harris O’Malley (Also known as: Dr. Nerdlove)
Charlayne Denney – Author (Lilly’s Angel, Marcus’s Vampire, Vampire rEvolution)
Ashe Thurman (My Time at Portia: Nora, Paranormal Files The Tall Man: Julie, Imre’s Curse Prologue: Aenaris)
Aaron Desmuke (Fullmetal Alchemist: Alphonse Elric, Fairy Tail: Hibiki Laytis, Danganronpa 3: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu)
Kathryn Friesen – Author (The Prophesied, The Apostasy)
Mastermind Comics – Comic Publisher (Grayson Stokes, To the Ends of the Earth, Last Confession)

If you can’t come visit me in person, I’ve also set up a Facebook group. It’s mostly nerdy memes and links and pictures of my sweet cat, who came home with me early in January. Some book rambling and some research rants. That’ll be the best place to just chat with me online.

There are a few other nefarious plots for 2019, but as they’re still in the works, I’m keeping them under wraps for now. There will be updates when they come to fruition. But most importantly, there will be updates. I’m making an effort to return to the blog and hopefully avoid another year-long silence.

Until next time, dear reader.

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